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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. it's saturday, june 18th. thanks so much for joining us i'm chris nyuyen. here is lisa with our first look at live doppler 7 hd. hi, lisa. >> chris, it's the last weekend of spring, monday summer arrives and summer-like temperatures arriving tomorrow. today, still some cloud cover, this weak weather system slowly getting out of town, taking the higher roads of humidity with it and we'll be left with early low clouds. isn't this gorgeous from our tower cam, of course the golden gate bridge. and mother nature's air conditioner with us throughout a portion of the day. that on shore flow will also keep us cool throughout the afternoon. at the coast, 57, mountain view, 55 morgan hill, 54 half-moon bay, 59 in oakland and from lake tahoe, yeah, beautiful sky here. numbers in the upper 60s for you this afternoon, with low 50s,
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novato. it is cooler this morning. the atmosphere is drying out, but afternoon temperatures will be warmer. in fact, we'll be near 80 degrees. north bay and south bay. full details on your neighborhood and a warm week ahead coming up. lisa, thank you. 6:01 is our time. a visibly frustrated libby introduced the fourth leader of the embattled oakland police department in just eight days. the mayor's announcement is startling. we've seen a parade of top cops come and go. we have the story. >> we are close to the end of an investigation of racist text messages. we do think it's relevant to share that the text messages were sent by african-american officers, but they are wholly inappropriate and not acceptable from anyone who wears the badge
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of the oakland police department. >>reporter: the mayor officially put the city administrator in charge, the fourth person named to lead the department in eight days, as the acting paul figueroa stepped down after only two days on the job. >> i feel like this is an appropriate time to place civilian oversight over this police department and to send a very clear message of not tolerating misconduct, unethical behavior and to root out what is clearly a toxic, macho culture. i here to run a police department, not a frat house. >> reporter: underage sex by officers perhaps with the knowledge of superiors has exploded to include other police agencies and even the d.a.'s office. this city council member is trying to keep all of the mounting allegations in perspective. >> i still believe that the vast
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majority of our officers serve with integrity and honorably in a very difficult climate. for me, it's been really difficult to think about how do we recruit? >> reporter: urgent search is under way for a new police chief who can deal with it all. in oakland, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. another scandal involved a veteran oakland homicide investigator. he has been accused of allowing his mistress to write police reports and look at his files. he is being investigated by the d.a. his girlfriend became angry when she found out he was married and posted case evidence left at her house on social media. the d.a. has not said how many cases that he investigated could be affected. as mentioned, the past eight days have been rocky in the oakland police department. on june 9th, chief john whent resigned. ben fair row, the deputy chief of barts police department would
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become interim police chief. just six days later on wednesday, shaft fired faro after she became aware of an affair he had while working previously for the department. paul figueroa then took over but now he has stepped down and is out on leave. he is asking to return from leave with the rank of captain. yesterday, protesters called for opd to release the names of all officers who knew about the sexual misconduct scandal but did nothing about it. the case involves officers having sex with an underage girl. sky 7 hd shows protesters hanging a banner that says, quote, opd, guilty of human trafficking and statutory rape. >> opd is rotten to its core and the officers involved in the rape of this child or the exploitation of child once she turned 18 all need to be held accountable. >> the protesters say they want to help the city find the next chief of police. >> for the latest developments, be sure to down load the abc 7 news app. now to our top story this
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morning the wild fires burning right now across our state. in southern california, the sherpa fire is nearly 6,000 acres and only 20% contained. 400 homes are under mandatory evacuation. reporter melissa mcbride from our sister station in los angeles has the latest from santa barbara county. >> reporter: behind a veil of thick smoke, the sunset without the gusty sun down or winds firefighters feared. >> the down canyon push we had the last two nights has been absents. so far we're holding the fire where we are and trying to get ahead of it so when it does try to come off the hill we'll be ahead of the game. >> reporter: they burned several acres of brush in a canyon. the goal is to prevent the fire frommed advancing towards ranches, home and vineyards. >> the whole area get burned off to create a little bit of a buff sore the fire doesn't -- it doesn't run down this area right here. >> reporter: so far the fire has blackened more than 5,800 acres since wednesday.
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35 miles per hour winds caused it to quickly grow, threatening 270 structures and forcing residents to evacuate. water dropping helicopters, tankers and the d.c. 10 attacked the fire from the air, the fire is burning in rug gid, difficult to reach terrain for crews on the ground. >> since it came around the corner and saw how big it was, it was really frightening. >> this woman is one of the many onlookers who stopped to take pictures and to applaud the hard work of the more than 1,200 firefighters working to put out the blaze. >> once you see that many people are coming together to tackle this beast, that's overwhelming and incredible to see them just pushing forward. >> and that was melissa mcbride reporting. the sherpa fire is just one of several burning throughout the state this morning and with extreme heat coming, fire season could take a turn for the worse. abc 7 news reporter katie marzulo has that part of the story. >> reporter: this area yal video
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shows one large structure destroyed by flames. this grew to 200 acres in a couple hours, forcing mandatory evacuations. in san ba knee toe county, the king fire damaged two homes and two outbuildings and burned more than 200 acres. in napa valley, a wild fire charred about a dozen acres fire season is off and running. i recommend to everybody to expect that fire could be coming near them. >> reporter: division chief says the fire danger is high. part of the problem, rain. >> northern california received more rainfall than southern california and so that benefitted the grass crop. and for us, that's the fuel that carries fire. >> reporter: the heat wave forecast for next week won't help. firefighters are asking people make sure they clear dry brush and grass away from their homes and seal the house in places where flying embers could take root. >> you don't need to be near the fire to lose your house.
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>> reporter: also, be ready to evacuate. katie marzulo, abc 7 news. a new senate letter says orlando gunman omar mateen made a series of facebook posts before and during the attack. one post blamed the united states for the deaths of, quote, innocent women and children. now the fbi has surveillance video from inside the nightclub where 49 people were killed. the video has not been released to the public. an fbi official says it's graphic and shows mateen walking through the club firing on the crowd in cold blood. investigators say mateen texted his wife noor salman during the shooting and asked if it was being covered on the news. she expressed love to her husband. the fbi wants to know exactly what she knew beforehand. >> mass murder is premeditated. she lived with him. she knows something. >> salman and mateen's father are both on the no-fly list during the investigation. abc 7 news was in redwood
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city yesterday afternoon at a vigil for the victims. the vigil included a reading of the victim's names, prayers, music and candles. an lgbtq flag was also raised. if you have a gun you want to get rid of, there's a gun buy-back today. you can turn in a gun unanimously and get from anywhere from $50 to 350 bucks in return, depending on the gun. it runs from 9 to 3:00 p.m. at pittsburgh city hall. 6:09 is our time. mild temps throughout the region and lisa has our accuweather forecast for us. >> good morning to you from our tower camera. 55 degrees, partly cloudy, san francisco. it's clear at the airport, 56 there. temperatures very pleasant today, downtown san francisco and even sunny towards the shoreline. we'll talk about a warmup under way coming up. lisa, thanks. also next, a major oil company could be looking to sell off its bay area refinery. plus, a father's day weekend
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we have breaking news out of contra costa county. a driver is dead after crashing their car into a tree in antioch. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on hillcrest avenue. the four passengers in the car were take on the hospital including one by helicopter. their conditions are unknown at this time. antioch police have not said whether speed or alcohol played
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a role in the crash. we'll be sure to bring you updates on abc7 news as soon as we get them. 6:13 is our time. the family of a homeless man shot to death by san francisco police in april has filed a lawsuit. investigators say 45-year-old luis angora was armed with a large kitchen knife. officers filed a nonfatal beanbag at him but he got up and ran at officers with the knife. they then shot him six times. yesterday john burris, the attorney for the family, said gohe was needlessly provoked. >> you can have poor tactics and create a circumstance where you use deadly force, but those tactics have led to the shooting and that's fundamentally wrong. >> the two officers who shot the man were veterans, having worked in law enforcement for 30 years combined. lawyers delivered opening statements yesterday in a federal criminal trial with pg&e as the defendant. the company is charged with
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violating pipeline safety code as well as obstructing the investigation into the san bruno pipeline explosion which killed eight people and destroyed 38 s if convicted on all counts they face a fine. a major oil company could be looking to sell off its bay area refinery. shell is looking for buyers for its martinez refinery. a sale likely wouldn't change much. it could be sold to another operat operator. shell employs 700 workers there. it's not clear what would happen to them if another company buys the refinery. in a statement provided to abc7 news, shell would not confirm the report. the warriors will be practicing at oracle arena today. they returned from cleveland landing at oakland international airport yeld afternoon. sky 7-hd was overhead has players got into their cars and headed home. duck nation can't wait for the do or die game seven.
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we checked on how fans are getting ready. >> reporter: at dick's sporting goods in daly city, the championship gear is ready to go but hidden in the back room until it's for real. jeremy says he'll wait to buy something because his whole family is superstitious so he'll be wearing a potentially pungent game day outfit. >> this jersey i've had for the longest time. i don't wash it. i have to wear the same pants. i have to wear the same shirt underneath. i have to wear the same hat. >> reporter: at san francisco international airport a few disappointed warriors fans came home from cleveland. tony aguilera says it was tough being there but he's looking forward to sunday. >> i'm going to the game. i'm going to take my girlfriend to the game. you know, watch them win it again. >> reporter: unlike aguilera, who will watch from his season ticket seats at oracle arena, most of the rest of us will have to find a big screen to watch somewhere. we know there's going to be a few cleveland cavalier fans in town trying to find a place to watch the game because we saw them at the airport too. most of the people aboard the afternoon flight from cleveland were cavs fans here on a
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preplanned trip. >> we just happened to be here on a company trip and the game just happens to be game seven. >> happening! >> right now. >> what's going to happen sunday? >> the cavs going to win. finally. it's been over 50 years. >> they will be looking for somewhere in the city friendly to cavaliers fans. in san francisco, sergio quintana, abc7 news. here's our game day schedule. tomorrow join us for "world news tonight" with tom llamas at 3:30 then the pregame show at 4:00. at 4:30, abc's coverage of game seven begins on abc7 with the warriors and cavaliers in oakland. tipoff is at 5:00 p.m. if you're not heading to oracle, ab7 is the only place to see game seven. after that, join larry beil and mike shumann for after the game with analysis fr. president obama is the first sitting president to visit
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yosemite national park since john f. kennedy. today the president will talk about the danger of climate change and the need to fund our national parks to preserve them. the family will then go on a hike. mr. obama has protected 265 million acres of public land and water, more than any other president. 6:17 the time. let's get a check of the full accuweather forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. nice to be in the southern tier today, not too hot yet, but you probably heard the heat is on the way, especially for the second half of our weekend, father's day. here's live doppler 7-hd right now, still some cloud cover around, but overall we're getting high pressure to allow not only a decrease in cloud cover but for this weather system to really evaporate has high pressure builds in from the desert southwest. here's a live look outside from our tower camera, and it's getting clearer and clearer with every moment. 55 san francisco, 54 at the coast with mid-50s morgan hill, 57 in mountain view, 59, mild,
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in oakland, and 58 in san jose. so all of that relative humidity yesterday still a little bit right here from the low cloud deck. but it will be a drier day today, a warmer afternoon, 52 in santa rosa, looking at numbers from mid-50s, napa, novato, 54 livermore, 58 in concord, fairfield at 57. from the golden gate bridge have to get some windex out there and clean the lens, but we're looking at sunny skies here. so partly cloudy overall with more sunshine today. warm for tomorrow. in fact, temperatures will hit around 90 and some of our warmest inland valleys. so as we take a look at the forecast our by hour, the clouds depart by about 8:00 for everyone. we are mostly sunny. even at the coast. it will be a comfortable day here with that onshore flow. tomorrow, though, things change just a little bit at the coast. not much. most of the changes happen around the bay and inland. today, low 60s ocean beach, low 70s santa cruz with 66 in montd
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ray and just 56 degrees water temperature. that buoy offshore. tomorrow look for 90s to arrive from concord, livermore about 90, upper 80s for san jose. the warmth anywhere from about 8 to 10 degrees inland tomorrow. the coast stays comfortable. by monday, we're still hot. very little change inland. very summer-like. first day of summer is monday, and then by tuesday, we're still baking in our inland east bay. it will be wednesday when inland highs cool off. but at the coast you'll remain comfortable. at the san mateo county fair today, low 70s with mostly sunny conditions, about 70, 5:00 this afternoon. high temperatures today, a nice spread from the 60s at the beaches, 63 half moon bay, 73 san mateo, 74 in oakland. look for about 80 today in concord. 79 napa, as well as san jose, but a warm 87 for you in morgan hill. the accuweather seven-day
6:20 am
forecast, we're featuring not only the warm-up today but temperatures jumping tomorrow for father's day. about 90 inland, mid-90s for monday. upper 70s around the bay. temperatures begin to cool around the bay and inland for tuesday but still hot inland with mid-90s. then by the end of the week, everyone will be back to where we should be for mid to late june. chris? >> lisa, thank you. coming up next, machines aren't taking over just yet, but one may be trying. see a runaway robot's mad dash to freedom. also join us tomorrow for a look inside disney's first resort on mainland china. shanghai disney combines disney magic with the beauty of chinese art and tradition. your inside look airs tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. on abc7.
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people who haven't saved enough for retirement see a reverse mortgage as a solution. is it a good call? we have this report on the pitfalls of reverse mortgages. >> reporter: borrowing against the equity in your home for retirement income can be a good idea, but reverse mortgages have a history of problems. and despite recent reforms, consumer reports says be careful. when karen and her husband charles took out a reverse mortgage, karen was 60 years old. two years too young to be on the loan. so she took her name off the title. then charles died suddenly and
6:24 am
karen found herself facing foreclosure. >> when i got the notice, i didn't know what to do. i kind of felt sick to my stomach after a while and the feeling didn't go away for quite a long time. >> reporter: new regulations to protect spouses not on the loans came just in time to allow karen to keep the house. but despite reforms, "consumer reports" says there are still plenty of pitfalls with reverse mortgages. >> reverse mortgages can be very risky loans. they come with certain conditions, and if you don't meet them, you could potentially lose your home. >> reporter: a reverse mortgage can also be expensive, so "consumer reports" says ask yourself some tough questions, like what is the total cost including closing fees and expenses? is moving a better, cheaper option? can you truly afford to live in your home? you're still responsible for paying property taxes, insurance, and upkeep. and finally, is this a home you can stay in as you age? >> does it have a lot of stairs? is there a big property to
6:25 am
maintain? are you close to good doctors and hospitals? and probably most important are you have family members who can look out for you if you need help in your older years. >> reporter: advice karen urges other seniors to consider carefully. one important change, before applying for a reverse mortgage, seniors will be required to fill out a detailed worksheet that outlines possible consequences. "consumer reports" helped design such a worksheet, which has recently become mandatory in california and thinks it should be required everywhere. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. new this morning, three international space station astronauts have landed in kazakhstan as the soyuz capsule touched down. the trio including one american astronaut spent 8 186 tays in space. they conducted hundreds of scientific experiments. three other astronauts will operate the space station for three weeks until the arrival of another set of crew members.
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an escaped robot blocked traffic in russia. promobot left the laboratory on its own this week and walked 164 feet before its battery ran out. police had to direct traffic around the robot until it was removed. an engineer apparently forgot to shut a gate after testing its mobility. promobot is desiped to answer questions for tourists and play promotional messages on its speaker. more ahead on the abc7 morning news. technology and terror. why bay area tech giants face a lawsuit over last year's paris terrorist attacks. and getting where you need to go at no cost. spokesbox: ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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good saturday morning to you. i'm chris nguyen. lisa argen is tracking weather conditions where you live. >> it is nice out right now. relative humidity is pretty high. it was muggy yesterday. we will get into a drier atmosphere today. temperatures will be around normal at 3:00 this afternoon. 55 in the city, 59 over in oakland, 57 mountain view, 58
6:30 am
san jose, 55 morgan hill. on the coast, 54 degrees. clear sky on the peninsula. sfo 52, santa rosa 54, napa, novato and livermore with 57 in fairfield. concord at 59 degrees. you can see the cloud cover, some of the low cloud from our east bay hills camera. it won't last long. we'll be into full sunshine inland into the low 80s in our warmest inland locations. upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay. at the coast it will be breezy. low to mid-60s. a nice afternoon, but warmer for the second half of the weekend. details on that and father's tay coming up. >> lisa, thank you. google, facebook, and twitter are being sued by father of the only american who died in last year's terrorist attacks in paris. gno naomi gonzalez was a 22-year-old student at cal state, long beach, studying abroad for the semester. she was at a restaurant with other students when terrorists attacked. dw gunmen and suicide bombers stormed the stadium and concert
6:31 am
hall all within minutes. 130 people were killed. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom looks at the links between technology and terrorism. >> nobody thinks they should hire a person to monitor every account. what we're saying is they could be doing more. >> reporter: keith altman is representing a grieving father. >> he is just heart broken. >> reporter: the loep american citizen murdered in the paris attacks. her father has filed this lawsuit alleging that google, facebook, and twitter are all partially responsible. >> these companies allow the terrorists to use their sites to engage in terrorist operations. >> reporter: terrorism law experts know it's an ongoing problem and also an uphill legal battle. >> you can't hold a company like facebook or twitter liable for something that someone says on the platforms. >> reporter: to win, they'll have to prove social media posts directly caused the killings in paris. the court papers are peppered with pictures of extremist propaganda posted online. >> it has the most amount of graphics in the complaint they've ever seen. >> reporter: the plaintiffs
6:32 am
argue the companies could do more to bring those payments down and keep them down using the same machine learning muscle they already use to decide what content to show you. >> if they put a fraction of the effort into shutting down the terrorists as they do in trying to figure out what ad to show me, i think we wouldn't be having this conversation today. >> reporter: social networks face other legal tensions over terrorism. if federal government has asked facebook to turn over data on the orlando shooter, some say a slippery slope. >> it's unlikely law enforcement would just stop with terrorism cases. they would then ask for murder cases, then maybe rape cases then maybe smaller cases, immigration might want to get involved. >> reporter: the paris case also centers on private data internal documents on how tech handles terrorism. >> we will have an opportunity to take discovery of these defendants. there's information in these defendants' files nobody has been able to see. >> reporter: of course that's only if the judge denies the motion to dismiss, which will no doubt be coming in the next few
6:33 am
days. a different judge dismissed a similar lawsuit several months ago. the companies aren't commenting on the suit directly, each has issued a statement saying it prohibits terrorist content and takes it down as soon as it's flagged by the community. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. as the funerals continue for victims of the orlando massacre, there is yet another grim turn to the story. abc news has learned the fbi now has surveillance videos from inside the club that terrible night. multiple cameras recording the carnage. yet amid all the heartbreak, survivors can celebrate some simple sparks of humanity. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: from the heartwrenching good-byes to the hopeful reunions. >> how you doing, angel? >> reporter: a survivor of the orlando nightclub massacre still hospitalized. meeting the heroic officer who chped his life. >> i don't know if we were being shot at. i heard him screaming in pain, in agony, but just had to pull
6:34 am
him out. that was our number one goal, to get these people to safety. >> reporter: we're now learning nearly all of the hor terrific attack inside pulse nightclub was captured by high-quality surveillance cameras. the fbi now reviewing the videos showing multiple angles of killer, omar mateen, as one source describes it, walking through the rooms, mowing people down cold-blooded. in the midst of the terror, texting his wife. she was apparently unaware of where he was. did you see the news, he asked? then they both texted i love you. the fbi still trying to determine whether she knew about his murderous plan. >> mass murder is premeditated. she lived with him. she knows something. >> reporter: she and the killer's father are are now on the no fly list as the fbi investigates. marci gonzalez, abc news, orlando. an this morning president obama is reflecting on his visit with the families of the orlando
6:35 am
attack. in his weekly address, the president says our country needs to be tougher on reducing gun violence. he also spoke about father's day. he wants the american people to focus on the responsibilities we have to each other, especially when parents talk to their children about tragedies. >> but as parents we should remember there's one responsibility that's always in our power to fulfill -- our obligation to give our children unconditional love and support, to show them the difference between right and wrong, to teach them to love, not to hate, and to appreciate our differe e differences not as something to fear but as a great gift to cherish. >> the president also asked that communities come together to stand strong in light of last weekend's event. uber showing solidarity with the victims in orlando. the company is offering free rides to and from venues that are important to the lgbt community in 40 cities this week. here in the bay area, a discount of up to $20 will be applied if
6:36 am
you get dropped off or picked up from places like the castro theater in san francisco or the white horse inn in oakland. mass shootings like the massacre in orlando have sparked a national debate on who should be allowed to own guns. now the sacramento chapter of a group called the pink pistols says it's seeing a surge in membership. the pink pistols promotes gun ownership rights and personal protection for members of the lgbt community. >> we're trying to create a world that's safe for people like us. >> not everybody's going to want to carry, and that's fine, or own one, and that's the fine. but at least with this group we'll teach you the basics. >> the pink pistols meet at a firing range once a month. group leaders say their organization is open to anyone regardless of sexual orientation. abc7 news was at san francisco hall yesterday for the raising of the lgbt flag in honor of pride month. it will be displayed on the front of the building. mayor ed lee says it's important
6:37 am
to recognize how far the community has come in its fight for civil rights, especially following the deadly attack in orlando. >> when we raise this flag for that moment of celebration, we're also honoring the victims and that's why we pulled it back for half-mast. the two-day pride celebration at civic center plaza will start one week from today, and the pride parade will be one week from sunday. still ahead on the abc7 morning news, the copa america continues with another big matchup at levi's stadium. why today's game between mexico and chile might not be as family friendly as organizers hope. first the time is 6:37. a live look from our abc7 exploratorium camera at pier 15 looking at the bay bridge.
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again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! happening today, you can let your imagination soar at the
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colorful kite festival in san francisco's presidio. the free event features a build your own kite station, kite flying lessons, drumming. a team will showcase their 100-foot kites. the festival runs from 9:00 to 5:00 at the presidio in san francisco. lisa is tracking the accuweather forecast. >> this is the last weekend of spring and today temperatures will be near average. right now you're looking live from our east bay hills camera. little muggy still in oakland in the upper 60s, but the atmosphere dries out today and really warms up tomorrow. your full forecast is next. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, the a's enjoy some pie after a walk-off victory.
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for waking up with us. a live look from our lake tahoe camera on this father's day weekend. the sierra also off to a cloudy start. lisa will have the full accuweather forecast for northern california. copa america continues in the south bay this weekend. tonight mexico and chile is sold out, but some are worried about whether it will be an appropriate venue for families. >> controversy surrounding fans of the mexican national soccer team. >> there are people out there telling them, like, that word is never okay to say. >> diego gonzalez is referring
6:45 am
to a four-letter word in the spanish language that roughly translates to male prostitute, a slur often directed at gay men in mexico. most recently it's been yelled by mexican fans during the copa america tournament who are trying to distract the opposing goalie. >> in a way that it's feminizing, vilifying, and also ostracizing. >> reporter: san jose state professor houle ya curry rodriguez says more needs to be done to stop people from using it. >> we have to be able to i think engage in meaningful challenges, not just dialogue but meaningful challenges to how do we engage in the public sphere? >> reporter: fifa has fined mexico thousands of dollars in the past year due to the actions of its fans. in fact, the team even released this video, urging fans to stop using derogatory language, especially at matches. but so far, it hasn't worked. bonnie serves as director of the sjsu pride center. i understand, you know, wanting to see your team and
6:46 am
cheer on your team, but i think they should try to be targeting the groups of people that are actually doing this. >> reporter: gonzalez, who is gay and hispanic, says it's important to educate others. >> keeping the conversation open and keep bringing it up and never staying quiet about it and always confronting people and telling them, like, that's not okay. >> reporter: mexico and chile play each other in the quarterfinals today at levi's stadium. the game starts at 7:00 p.m. an estimated 70,000 fans will be there, which means traffic will likely be heavy in the south bay starting at 4:00 p.m. weather-wise, we've seen some clouds this morning here in the city of san francisco, but the sun is out. meteorologist lisa argen is tracking the conditions where you live this morning. hi, lisa. >> hey, chris. absolutely. and, in fact, we're enjoying some pretty views this morning with that sun up before 6:00. it sets at 8:34. here's live doppler 7-hd. you'll notice some of the cloud cover in the north bay, but we had a few sprinkles around blue kwan i don't know. this will all evaporate.
6:47 am
low 80s around yosemite today, upper 60s at south lake, partly cloudy there. a live look from emeryville where you can see all the sunshine. looks nice out here. still on the muggy side, though, 59 oakland, 55 san francisco, as well as morgan hill. we're in the low 50s half moon bay. san jose 58. good morning to you. average highs in the low 80s on the peninsula. nothing but sunshine. low 50s santa rosa, 54 in napa and novato. those clouds really evaporating quickly the past couple hours. we're left with a pretty nice-looking morning out there. 58 in concord, 54 in livermore. a little cooler this morning. the atmosphere drying out a bit. we'll be left with some sun at our beaches, so partly cloudy this morning, sunny skies today, and much, much warmer tomorrow for father's day. so with the sunshine today numbers will be coming up, especially inland, about 5 degrees or so from concord, pleasanton, walnut creek, and temperatures nearly the same but much more sun for oakland and drier out there for san francisco. it was pretty muggy out there
6:48 am
and in san jose, average high about 81 today. we'll see upper 70s, so near that, but look what happens tomorrow for father's day. upper 80s and then temperatures really will be on the warm side, midperhaps some upper 80s the rest of workweek. but in our inland east bay it's going to take toward the end of the upcoming workweek to cool off after this big heat-up gets under way. 87 in morgan hill, 77 in milpitas. look for mid-70s on the peninsula for redwood city, san francisco in the 60s today. 63 in the sunset, so we'll have a sunny day at our beaches. point reyes, upper 60s, 74 in oakland, 77 in castro valley. this is where the swarmt headed your way from pittsburgh to pleasanton, 82 for you. we will be looking at today temperatures over in oakland pretty nice with 71 at the coliseum, 73 4:00 with a light west wind up to 15. the accuweather seven-day forecast, warming up today, warmer tomorrow for father's
6:49 am
day. mid-90s inland for monday, still warm inland on tuesday, then looking at temperatures slowly trailing off. but the coast is mild in the 60s all week long. mid-70s around the bay. and temperatures will be near normal by the end of next week. chris? >> lisa, thanks. in sports, the freak is back in the bay. this afternoon, former giant tin lincecum is making his first start for the angels against the a's at the oakland coliseum. first pitch is at 1:05. meanwhile, the giants are in tampa to face the rays. last night san francisco won its sixth straight game. here is abc7 sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's "sports report." >> good morning, everybody. sports can bring people together in times of tragedy and that was the case last night in tampa. the giants were playing the rays in front of the biggest crowd in tropicana field in more than a decade. the rays sold $5 ticket with the the proceeds going to victims of the mass shootings in orlando. they had 40,000 fans there
6:50 am
watching the dancing groundskeeper go to work. and this guy clearly loves his work. and the giants went to work. first inning, brandon crawford, two-run double off chris archer. buster posey score, 2-0 giants. to the seventh, 4-0 game. romero gets the belt, his ninth of the season for brandon belt. a solo bomb and it's 5-0. jeff samardzija goes the distance, wanted the shutout but a complete game four-hitter, allows a run, struck out four. 8-4 on the year. evan longoria on a grounder to end it. a's and angels, the freak, tim lincecum, just called up, starting for angels today. last night the a's took a lead in the fourth. chris davis, what a season he's having with the long ball, 16th homer, comes off of matt shoemaker, two-run eighth. top ninth, ryan madsen in relief, flies to right, jake smolinski thought he had it, throws to first appeared to be the game ending double play.
6:51 am
upon further review, it bounced. bottom ninth, two outs runners at the corners for billy burns. base hit. marcus simien scores. good night, game over, drive home safely. had to take a shower as well because it's pie! a's win 3-2. a lot of warrior fans are using the word rigged describing the officiating game six of the nba finals. keep in mind, the refs are not blocking harrison barnes' shots, okay? he was 0 for 8. the warriors need barnes to play better. they can't fall behind by 20. and they've got to find some way to contain lebron james. as for the steph curry foul situation, two of them we went back and looked at, very shaky calls, a couple borderline. but when you're down 12, 4:22 to play, you can't be reaching and swiping. curry has to play smarter in game seven. >> seven games to figure out who's going to be holding that trophy on sunday, you got to love that kind of environment
6:52 am
and that battle. so haven't enjoyed it much the last two games but, you know, 48 minutes left. round two of the u.s. open at oakmont. spencer levine going all steph curry here. if he had a mouthpiece, he would have thrown it! dustin johnson nearly won the tournament last year, had the collapse on 18, birdie putt on 6, co-leader at 4 you should with andrew. sergio garcia in contention. a 50-foot they're goes! to save par. even par 70 in round two. sergio is just two back at 2 under. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody, and happy father's day. i'm larry beil. up next, a special tribute at today's june team celebration in san francisco.
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welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last night's $310 million mega millions drawing. 20, 23, 30, 44, 59, the me ga number 9. nobody picked all six numbers so tuesday's night's jackpot goes up to $330 million. bay area residents have a new way to get to paradise. fiji airways has just launched nonstop service between sfo and the south pacific island. flights will be limited, only offered out of sfo during peak
6:56 am
vacation months. happening today, it's the 66th annual juneteenth festival. it xem rating the ending of slavery in the united states. this year's festival is on fillmore between turk and sutter. this is video from a previous vent. today there will be a special prince tribute among other activities including live music, arts and crafts and a parade. it starts at 11:00 this morning and it goes until 6:00 p.m. let's get a final cheweathe check from lisa argen. >> temperatures warming up today, but this is father's day where numbers are really going to jump significantly. look at the red and oranges here. we're in the 90s tomorrow. by monday, the first day of summer, still very warm inland, pleasant at the coastline and around the bay. but by tuesday we're still holding onto the heat here and highs around the bay today near average with numbers in the upper 70s from san jose to santa rosa. look for about 80 today in
6:57 am
concord. 77 in fremont. low 60s with afternoon sun, half moon bay and the accuweather seven-day forecast featuring temperatures today in the low 80s inland, up to 90 tomorrow, mid-90s on monday. tuesday still warm, but notice around the coast and bay, it's pleasant, light offshore flow will allow the inland temperatures to warm up while elsewhere we stay comfortable with that summer spread. finally cooling inland for the end of next week. chris? lisa, thank you. thanks to you for joining us on the abc7 morning news. for lisa argen and the rest of the abc7 news team, i'm chris nguyen. the news continues online on twitter, facebook, and on your devices with our abc7 news app. "good morning america" is next. we leave you with a live look outside.
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good morning, america. the breaking news, terror arrests. new raids overnight in belgium. 40 people questioned. dozens of homes searched. was there a new plot to kill similar to the attacks on the airport and the subway in march? why police say they had to move right away. inside the orlando massacre. the pulse nightclub's surveillance cameras capturing the chaos. what went on inside as donald trump says the key to stopping more attacks is more guns. >> and one of the people in that room happened to have it and goes, boom, boom. you know what, that would have been a beautiful, beautiful sight. >> plus, what we're learning about the gunman. why omar mateen was kicked out of the corrections academy. wildfire danger. fires burning in four states right now.


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